Superabsorbents are crosslinked, potassium based polymers specifically formulated and fully registered for use in soil erosion control and agriculture. Similar to a chain-linked fence, the polymers builds on the strength of interwoven links. This bond offers high absorption under soil pressure, high gel strength, and lasts longer in soil than other competitive products. Our products also maintain their ability to retain water and nutrients when incorporated at a depth of 3-6 inches. The crystals feature elastic memory whereby once the plant drains the moisture from the gel, it returns to its crystal form. When it rains again, it swells back into its gel form. This rehydration cycle can continue up to five to seven years.


  • Sediment Bulking, Increases Solids Density
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including commercial horticulture, landscaping,
    reforestation and land reclamation, sod and turf, plant transportation and storage, golf
    courses, and sports turf
  • Water Infiltration
  • Applied pre-plant or at planting, superabsorbents hold moisture and nutrients in the root
    zone of plants.


  • Increases the ability of soil to hold water, minimizes erosion, and reduces nutrient
  • Fully registered in agriculture applications
  • Reduces costs of irrigation
  • Increases intervals between irrigations
  • Crop flexibility and application flexibility
  • Potassium-based structure will not add unwanted salinity levels to the soil
  • Environmentally sound
  • Neutral pH
  • Breakdown component parts of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water
  • No residual toxicity

WaterSolve's Superabsorbents Downloadable Fact Sheet