Scott Ptak



Scott’s role at WaterSolve is in the realms of Marketing & Sales. His goal is to reach a targeted audience via digital media and content that inspires and shares the company’s message. Through education and exposure, the goal is to spread the word about WaterSolve’s unique product and service offering.

Scott has a diverse background in sales, marketing, and content writing in a cross-section of industries ranging from medical and dental devices, hospital asset tracking systems, reverse engineering, metrology, manufacturing, tooling & fixtures, and in commercial and residential construction.

Not long after graduating high school, Scott was one of a few chosen from of a large pool of applicants to enter into a four-year apprenticeship program to become a licensed Tool and Die Maker.
In mid-career, with an Associate’s degree in hand, he went back to college and earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Davenport University and minored in Marketing.

The game of golf is Scott’s passion. He would trade cold-weather days for those exceeding 50 degrees or greater. The beach in Michigan’s northern town of Frankfort is his favorite hangout where he can break free on a paddleboard on the big lake or on local rivers. Scott is also a successful DJ for wedding and corporate events and has been for almost 20 years as a second career. The guitar, banjo, and ukulele are vehicles that allow Scott to release his creativity and relax.

“Gregg Lebster built a highly reputable company from the ground up. He employed me to do a job that would help his organization increase its level of business. My motivation, is to do just that. My daily goal is to increase the business using all the experience I have acquired through many years of trial and error.”

"People who are honest, hard-working, committed, and aren’t afraid to say what is on their mind inspire me. U.S. veterans from all branches of our armed forces are some of my greatest inspirations as well.”

-Scott Ptak