Mike Leonard



Before joining WaterSolve, Mike was a dredge operator for five years. Mike has been operating pumps in the dewatering and water treatment industry for over ten years to include operating equipment on several large dewatering projects. He has been a part of both small and large profile projects, many of which he was a supervisor in charge of team members and their daily tasks. Mike is often tasked with daily quotas and organizing projects to meet daily goals.

Mike has been in some form of the construction industry for over 30 years; however, in his spare time, you’ll find Mike spending time with his family. He enjoys sports of all kinds but is most passionate about hunting and sharing his passion for hunting and sport with his children and wife.

Mike believes that honesty is the best policy. He tries to make the correct and most honest decision in every circumstance to find that by doing so, things usually turn out for the best.

Mike focuses on being a punctual, honest, and respectful team member at WaterSolve.

"I do my best to give 100% every day for the good of my co-workers and the clients of WaterSolve."

-Mike Leonard