WaterSolve’s Lab Testing Service can identify the appropriate chemical for your specific application and perform the necessary bench-scale testing to help estimate full-scale results. We primarily test various organic polymers (flocculants and coagulants) as well as inorganic coagulants on samples for geotextile tube applications.


  • Mechanical Dewatering
  • Settling / Clarification
  • DAF
  • and others


  • Residual Polymer Testing
  • Metals/ Contaminates Removal
  • Aquatic Toxicity Testing
  • Sediment Amendment Testing
  • Treatability Studies


Geotextile Dewatering

Amendment Testing

Feasibility Study

Process Water & Wastewater Processing

Lab Testing & Chemical Treatment

Bench Testing & Trial Dewatering

Without proper testing, you could be spending too much for water or wastewater treatment chemicals. Bench testing allows our scientists to determine the best chemical and dosage rates to meet your needs. Not only do we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of chemical conditioning requirements, but we also perform trial dewatering testing in our lab or at a project site using our:

  • Initial Dewatering Performance Trials (RDT)
    Testing completed at WaterSolve, LLC Laboratory
    Testing completed at project site or other location
  • Geotextile Tube Dewatering Test (GTDT)
    GTDT Testing completed at WaterSolve, LLC Laboratory
    GTDT Testing completed at project site
  • Pressure- Geotextile Tube Dewatering Test (P-GTDT)
    P-GTDT Testing completed at WaterSolve, LLC Laboratory
    P-GTDT Testing completed at project site

After testing is completed, our clients are presented with a report detailing all lab test results including those chemicals that best conditioned the waste samples, the ideal dosage rate, and at what percent solution. In addition, we provide our clients with the percent solids of the dewatered material and the TSS of the retained filtrate.

Not only is our Bench Testing program smart choice for clients who want to reduce their chemical costs, but for those who are evaluating our Geotextile Tube technology as a means of sludge or slurry management.

For more information on our Lab Testing Program, please contact us.

Lab Testing & Chemical Treatment

Laboratory Jar Testing

The purpose of laboratory jar testing is to quantify and select the best treatment program for the removal of suspended solids from either raw water, dilute process, or waste stream sources. Our jar testing can be utilized to simulate mixing and settling conditions in a clarifier. Jars (beakers) with different treatment programs or the same product at different dosage are run side-by-side, and the results compared to an untreated jar, or one treated with the current program. With the results, our team can provide actionable information regarding chemistry dosing, settling velocity, and equipment sizing.

Lab Testing & Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment

WaterSolve offers a full range of chemical treatment and chemical injection systems to provide the most efficient results for any objective. WaterSolve’s team of experts can offer chemical delivery systems for any means to include:

  • Flocculation
  • Coagulation
  • Precipitation
  • Clarification
  • Dewatering

WaterSolve can offer non-mechanical emulsion liquid polymer activation systems to treat sludge and wastewater with no agitation. These systems can fully activate and blend polymer solutions that can be immediately added to a system or stored for future use.

Choice of polymer, the quantity and particular injection system can be pre-determined by WaterSolve’s Experts to meet your specific needs. And WaterSolve is flexible in creating a chemical treatment system that takes into consideration pricing, space limitation and efficiency.

For more information on chemical treatment please contact us.


To provide us with your representative samples for testing, refer to the Chain of Custody document by clicking below or contact WaterSolve Sales for information how to deliver you sample to us. (616) 575-8693

View a sample Chain of Custody Report here.