BioCord™ Reactors provide a simple, low-energy, fixed-film biological treatment process to dramatically increase the capacity and performance of wastewater lagoons and conventional activated sludge systems. Modular BioCord Reactors are like condominiums for bacteria, incorporating a customizable design that rises up through the water column to suit virtually any treatment conditions and plant design.

The reactor frame supports densely arranged loops of polymer fibres that provide a massive surface area on which preferred, naturally occurring bacteria can thrive. Integrated aeration grids powered by low-energy compressors.

Each BioCord Reactor is equipped with a fine-bubble aeration system that provides the optimum level of oxygen transfer and mixing to support bacterial growth and nutrient removal. The mixing and agitation also helps slough excess biofilm from the media to maintain the ideal colony size and composition. Install, aerate, grow BioCord Reactors are installed directly into an existing treatment
system, which helps to dramatically reduce capital costs by avoiding expansion to the plant  footprint or adding sidestream process tanks.

Once installed, a BioCord Reactor system is self-regulating, uses very little electricity, and requires almost no operator oversight to achieve its performance targets. These capital and operational benefits make BioCord Reactors the ideal solution to improve treatment capacity, accelerate nutrient removal and achieve regulatory compliance.

BioCord Reactors for Environmental Solutions

Reliable, low-energy ammonia removal — even at 1°C


Whether it’s cold-weather, high strength, or more stringent regulations for ammonia treatment, BioCord Reactors can achieve up to 99 per cent ammonia removal, even when operating in temperatures as low as 1°C.

Biocord Reactors


BioCord Reactor systems require no additional tanks or costly, energy-intensive blowers to operate, providing a significant savings in capital and operating costs – often about 50% less than an MBBR system designed to achieve the same ammonia target. Moreover, a BioCord Reactor system is self-regulating and self-cleaning, requiring virtually no operator oversight and maintenance.


BioCord Reactors are self-regulating systems that respond quickly to variable influent or upset conditions and can continue to meet treatment requirements without operator attention or process modifications. The multi-compressor design also simplifies maintenance since an individual unit can be shut down for service, while the others continue to operate and maintain system performance.


BioCord Reactors offer a flexible, modular design that can be customized to fit virtually any type of secondary treatment process and to handle anticipated flow and loading parameters. Capital costs can be kept low by installing only the required amount of BioCord Reactors to achieve performance requirements and can be easily expanded in planned phases as treatment needs increase.


Treatment capacity in a lagoon or CAS can be easily expanded with BioCord Reactors to meet performance requirements and produce tertiary quality effluent without adding tanks, filtration or other complex equipment. The BioCord Reactors and accompanying aeration system are designed and built in Ontario by Bishop Water and can be delivered to the site fully assembled. Installation is completed in just a few days, while the plant remains in operation.

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BioCord Reactors

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