Automated chemical metering systems offer exacting chemical delivery treatment solutions for dewatering projects. These systems are what WaterSolve LLC, refers to as Chemical Control & Tracking Systems or (CCTS). WaterSolve offers both manual chemical feed systems and automated for dewatering projects that utilize geotextile tube containers that receive sludge slurry injected with chemical flocculants and/or coagulants being dredged or pumped from a sludge source lagoon, pond, river, etc.  Manual systems are very effective, but they do not provide the kind of tracking, reporting, and accurate dosing that automated versions do. They also tend to require more manpower to operate and can use up more chemicals because the slurry isn’t being monitored as closely.

Systems for Sale or Rent

Our Chemical Control and Tracking Systems (CCTS) are custom designed and built to optimize the application of dewatering chemicals by automatically adjusting the chemical feed rates based on variations in the flow rates and in-line solids concentrations. These systems can also provide real-time documentation and reporting capabilities that allow owners and project managers valuable data for tracking production and forecasting inventory on their dewatering projects. Our CCTS units offer many features and benefits to include:

  • Custom trailer CCTS designs to fit any project— true workhorses on wheels.
  • Conex Box CCTS designs allow for cost effective truck delivery anywhere in the country and on-site mobilization.
  • An ideal automated process control system with the perfect meld of technology to re-duce your project cost and manpower needs.
  • With equipment conveniently out of the way, there is plenty of elbow room to work and units are theft secure.
  • Equipment is securely fixed to the unit walls. Exterior commercial 110v single-phase hookup makes setup simple.

Benefits of our Chemical Control & Tracking System™


  • Increased opportunities for significant cost savings
  • Reduced on-site tech support
  • Lower chemical consumption is achieved by accurate dosing based on slurry flow rate and solids concentration
  • Smaller on-site footprint can be achieved compared to many other CCTS designs
  • More efficient and superior water treatment through automation
  • Easy mobilization
  • Real-time production reporting


  • Versatile design can be used on any size or material slurry-line
  • Plug & Play—quick connect feedline and set-up with industry standard 110v single phase connection
  • Extensive range for NEAT polymer feed rate
  • Unique Dual-Chemistry protocol allows for maximum effectiveness utilizing coagulants and flocculants
  • Inputs and Outputs compatible with industry standard SCADAs
  • System alarms to identify process issues

WaterSolve CCTS Base Unit Specs

  • We routinely customize systems to meet project specific requirements that can:
  • Process slurry flows up to 4000+ gallons per minute
  • Condition a wide range of slurries with solids concentrations from 0.1% to 25% dry weight solids
  • Deliver 0.1-GPH to 100-GPH of neat polymer
  • Pipe connections can accept any size or any material for slurry feed lines