WaterSolve’s professional team is trusted as an industry leader in geotextile dewatering and environmental remediation solutions. We are a full-service environmental solutions provider of certified water treatment products and services that can be applied to Shoreline Protection, Erosion Control & Structures, Lagoon Management, and Wastewater Processing.  Available products include chemical feed systems sales and rentals, aeration equipment solutions, and an array of polymers, coagulants, superabsorbents, metal absorbents, and rare earth coagulants.

Our Lab Services offering is a local, hands-on service that performs pre-project dewatering, water treatment, and clarification feasibility studies – ensuring our clients get the best available technology for their water & wastewater processing needs.

WaterSolve can address environmental compliance and management concerns with a technically sound and cost-effective approach for its clients. Our staff of experienced environmental professionals can develop, manage, and conduct studies to characterize and mitigate risks of contaminated media from various municipal and industrial sources. WaterSolve’s rigorous approach to technical and regulatory issues will provide you with an objective understanding of potential liabilities and an aggressive start to finding and implementing the most effective solutions.

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Since 1999

With over 300 years of combined experience, WaterSolve’s team has the knowledge and expertise for your project needs.

WaterSolve’s team of experts has the experience to custom-formulate solutions for environmental needs with quality, safety, and cost considerations made at every level of research, production, and application.

Strategic Partners


WaterSolve has emerged into the Canadian market by partnering with Bishop Water Technologies, who represent our line of water and wastewater treatment chemicals. This gives our Canadian customers access to hundreds of polymers, coagulants and helps customers reduce costs by providing them with a product specifically for the optimization of their process.


Stotzer Sales has been providing pumps and dewatering services in the Mid-West for over twelve years.  Specializing in municipal, commercial, and industrial applications and job sites.  Stotzer Sales has partnered with WaterSolve to provide a comprehensive dewatering solution to its customers.


Waterways Protection, LLC is a leading agent and distributer for engineered products and services for environmental site remediation, solids dewatering and permanent erosion control systems.  With the expertise we have across many disciplines and our partnerships with quality manufacturers, we can provide our clients the best solution to protect their assets and improve their process efficiencies within budget.


George Federico represents THEIA LLC, a leader in water treatment solutions for groundwater and industrial wastewater specializing in difficult contaminants such as PFAS and heavy metals.  Theia also offers a unique dewatering technology and is proud to partner with WaterSolve, relying on our high-quality polymers and their extensive expertise in applying them.


WaterSolve partnered with WTR Solutions after acknowledging their superior aeration technology that has been eliminating odor and maintenance problems in industrial, municipal, and livestock production since 1995.

WTR Solutions’ aeration technology enhances all treatment processes by supporting aerobic bacteria growth through production of very large populations of very small bubbles. This technology, referred to as “Fine Bubble Diffusion”, addresses the problem of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and waste treatment by improving the performance of aerobic bacteria to consume organic wastes.

This solution has proven to be highly effective and cost-efficient over a wide range of applications to include Municipal, Industrial, and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.


MNX INC, represented by Mark Enoch, has partnered with WaterSolve to provide large-volume/low-cost dewatering solutions for industries and municipalities in the Upper Midwest.  These projects involve polymer addition systems and geotextile tubes to dewater water supply and wastewater solids.  The process equipment that MNX provides is a perfect fit for the kinds of projects that WaterSolve tackles.